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Find Out All You Need To Know Below! 



Preparing For Your Wax


Stop shaving at least two weeks before your scheduled service.


Practice exfoliating the desired areas of hair removal (This will need to become routine in order to keep those annoying in-growns away).


Please arrive at least 10-15 mins early to your appointment as you will need to complete a new client profile (We can also chat and vibe out during this time).


If you can, please refrain from wearing deodorants, lotions, and oils as these will make hair removal harder. 


If you’re receiving an intimate service, always freshen up before.


Wear loose comfortable clothing to your service.


During Your Service 


I know it’s your first time, but breath and relax! It won’t be as bad as you think! Trust me 


Let’s get to know each other, talking through your service makes things a lot less awkward and also takes your mind off of the service. 


ASK, ASK, ASK. This is the time to also ask any questions you may have regarding your service or aftercare.

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